Amanda Pendolino
June 17, 2013

‘Shouting Back’ Campaign Encourages Women to Share Sexual Assault Experiences

Have you ever been harassed on a subway? Sexually assaulted by a coworker?

If you were afraid to speak up, you’re not alone. But maybe that can change.

In a new “Shouting Back” campaign (use the hashtag #ShoutingBack on Twitter and other social media), women have been sharing their experiences in the hopes that banding together will help us feel more empowered to fight the epidemic of sexual assault. Check out the video from Chime for Change:

Last month, Kimberly MatusNY Times opinion piece “I Was Groped on the Subway” delved into the same topic — and received 588 comments, most from women who had suffered similar experiences.

One of the surprising commonalities among victims was that we all felt silenced when it happened. We wondered if we were imagining things, we felt too shocked to say anything, and we felt small and helpless. Even just knowing that other women feel the same way is incredibly reassuring, and can help us be prepared if it ever happens again.

Sexual assault is incredibly common — but we don’t have to stay silent. With the power of social media, we can make sure victims know they’re not imagining what’s happened, they’re not alone and they’re not powerless to do something about it.