Digital Life
Terri Coles
June 17, 2013

Google Helps French Same-Sex Couples Get Married Online (VIDEO)

Would you like to start your Monday with some tears? Don’t worry, they’ll be happy tears. Just watch this video, which shows same-sex couples in France using Google Hangouts to get married.

France legalized marriage and adoption for same-sex couples last month, but before that change came, there was one way for French gay and lesbian couples to be married: by online video conference with a mayor in Belgium, where same-sex marriage was legalized years ago.

Google Plus, of course, has a video conferencing feature called Hangouts, and the ad highlights how Google and Tous Unis Pour l’Egalité worked together to help French couples marry online.

People marrying via the Internet is a  thoroughly modern affair but these ceremonies have all the hallmarks we associate with “traditional” weddings, including happy couples and teary guests. It’s really wonderful to see these couples get married, and to see the joy their loved ones have in sharing the occasion with them. It’s a great reminder that technology can bring us together and be a powerful tool for promoting equality.

The move to legalize same-sex marriage has been controversial in France. There have been large protest marches in Paris and other French cities, and conservative lawmakers tried to block the court decision that legalized marriages and adoptions. As the video shows, LGBT people in France have even faced violent attacks over the issue. But this video proves that love finds a way.

Excuse me, I must go. Someone’s chopping onions again.