Charlotte Hannah
June 14, 2013

People Are Calling Rachel Zoe a Bad Mom Because Her Son Has Long Hair

what-year-is-itWhat year is it? No, seriously, this can’t possibly be 2013, because there are actually people flipping out over the fact that a young boy has (gasp!) long hair. The horror!

I can’t even deal with this.

Rachel Zoe, stylist to the stars, is getting flack on Instagram from users who are shocked and offended that she has the audacity to allow her two-year-old son Skyler to have shoulder-length hair.

“Cut his hair. He looks like a girl,” says one commenter.

“Youre [sic] a terrible mom. Do you know how hard youre [sic] f***ing him over?” says another.

Are you even looking at this kid? Those are some freaking beautiful curls. Cutting them off would basically be a crime against humanity. And beyond that – is this not 2013? Have we not moved past the point of worrying ourselves over what other people do with the strands of filamentous biomaterial growing out of their heads?

Considering the concept that short hair equals masculine and long hair equals feminine is a relatively new one, I think this kid’s gonna be OK. As for the people calling Zoe a bad mom for letting her happy-looking son have long hair: you’re the worst.