Charlotte Hannah
June 07, 2013

Fake Ryan Gosling Breaks Hearts In Detroit (VIDEO)

He may look like it, but this tax accountant named Doug isn’t Ryan Gosling. Not even a little bit. But slap a pair of sunglasses and a hoodie on him and surround him with an entourage and a camera crew, and it’s easy to see why people would think he’s the Drive actor.

Detroit radio show Mojo In the Morning decided to capitalize on Doug’s crazy resemblance to the Gos by having him just wander around the city all Gosling-like while a cameraperson filmed people’s reactions. Oh, and they called the whole thing “Lyin’ Gosling,” because not even professional radio types can resist the call of a good/bad (gad?) pun.

Photo credit: MojoInTheMorning on Youtube / Screenshot by Twirlit.com

Photo credit: MojoInTheMorning on Youtube / Screenshot by Twirlit.com

Neither Doug nor anyone involved with the prank outright told anyone he was Ryan Gosling, though he was surrounded by a crew of pretend bodyguards and other fake film crew-type people. It also helps that the real Ryan Gosling is currently in Detroit directing his first movie, How to Catch a Monster.

People (mostly lady people) pretty much went bananas. Doug posed for photos with Gosling fans and even signed a fake autograph on the face of a cardboard Ryan Gosling cutout that some woman just inexplicably had. Unfortunately, the real Gosling never showed up to put a stop to the deception. Although, on second thought, the sight of a duplicate Gosling might’ve actually made some of these girls’ heads explode.