Charlotte Hannah
June 03, 2013

‘Best Breakup Letter Ever’ Is Actually Pretty Classless

There’s nothing more satisfying than a good revenge story. You can’t deny there’s a weird sense of fulfillment you get when you hear about someone giving a bad boss, a conniving coworker or an awful ex their just desserts.

So it’s no surprise that when this breakup letter hit the Interwebs, it was declared “hilarious,” “wonderfully devious,” and even the “best breakup letter ever.”  It contains all the hallmarks of a satisfying revenge story — a woman rightfully scorned when she discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her comes up with a clever scheme to hurt him back and hopefully force him to think long and hard about the emotional turmoil he’s caused her. Check it out:

Via: the Huffington Post

Via: the Huffington Post

Ew. Ugh. No.

Does nobody else think this letter is sad and what this woman claims to have done is not cool at all? Finding out your boyfriend’s getting Facebook messages from some chick named Kelsi (Facebook messages, so scandalous!) doesn’t give you license to take his stuff and turn it into creepy scavenger hunt of forced reflection. Girl, that is some straight-up Jigsaw shit.

I mean, getting cheated on totally blows, but it’s also happened to pretty much anyone who’s ever dated anyone. And considering this girl seriously used the phrase “went all the way” in a letter to the dude she did it with, she’s probably like, 16, tops. So it’s probably going to happen again. Best get used to it.

Pack up your stuff, leave with dignity, rock out to a good breakup mixtape and then go forth and be awesome. As George Herbert said, living well is the best revenge.