Amanda Pendolino
May 31, 2013

Two Women Arrested for Fulfilling Bucket List of Stealing Bathing Suits and Beef Jerky at Wal-Mart

Making a bucket list? You might want to leave off “shoplift bathing suits and beef jerky at Wal-Mart.”

According to CBS News, 36-year-old Andrea Mobley and 38-year-old Jennifer Morrow learned that the hard way after being arrested for petty theft in Central Florida.

Authorities say the women were detained after Mobley was seen chowing down on beef jerky and Morrow was discovered hiding items in her handbag. Apparently, the two hadn’t seen each other in years, but that stealing from a retail store was on their “bucket list” (a list of things you want to do before you “kick the bucket,” as Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman explained in the 2007 movie).

Mobley, who says she’s ashamed of her actions, told a local paper they were just “two stupid women” doing something they’d never done before.

Of course I don’t condone stealing, but my first reaction to this is that when you craft a bucket list, you need to think a little bigger than stealing a bathing suit and beef jerky from Wal-Mart! If you’re going to get arrested, get arrested for something epic!

I actually found a website of instructions on how to make your bucket list — but “plan your list” and “write your first draft” are pretty obvious, no? The writer should add “leave off your shoplifting aspirations.”

If these instructions aren’t enough, you can also enlist the Bucket List Guy to help. He says: “My job is to help you achieve those things on your bucket list because the achievement of things on your bucket list makes us all happy. That’s what life is all about. Our life is way too short (I’m sure you agree).”

Maybe people really do need help with their bucket lists.