Amanda Pendolino
May 31, 2013

Jockey Bra ‘Fit Kit’ Expands Bra Sizing Beyond Letters (VIDEO)

Think you’re a 36C? In a new contoured bra from Jockey, you might be a 06/36.

According to The New York Times, Jockey has unveiled a new bra sizing system that expands the usual 32-36 A-D system to a numerical range of 01/30 to 10/42.

The first number (from 01 to 10) refers to the size of your breasts; if you’ve got a medium-sized chest, you might be a 05 or 06. The latter number refers to your ribcage measurement in inches.

Traditional bra sizes don’t account for different breast shapes, Jockey executives say.

“Our bras don’t necessarily get bigger, bigger, bigger, but in different proportions — they get larger, but in different shapes,” says Dustin Cohn, Jockey’s chief marketing officer.

The company developed the new sizing system after talking to 800 different women about their bras. Researchers found that women experienced “complete dissatisfaction about every aspect of the bra purchasing process, from the inaccuracy to the way you get measured,” says Cohn. Having been accosted by a Victoria’s Secret employee who tried to tell me I’m a size D (nope), I can vouch for the accuracy of this.

To find out what size is best for you, you’ll need to order a Jockey Bra Fit Kit for $19.95 (shipping is free) — but then you’ll get a $20 credit toward your Jockey bra purchase. Jockey offers six different bras, which all cost $60 and come in black, nude and white.

All the Jockey bras, which err on the side of full-coverage, claim to provide lift without underwire. Instead, they feature a flexible “3D contour” device that curves with your body instead of lying flat.

Do you think you’ll try the new Jockey bra sizing system?