Nokyoung Xayasane
May 30, 2013

Women May Be Born Craving Chocolate, Says Study

I have an epic relationship with chocolate. You could even say it borders on the obsessive. For me, the darker the chocolate the better, but I’m open to all varieties: white, milk, almond, hazelnut, pistachio, whatever.

Well, it turns out my craving for chocolate could’ve started out before I even had my first Kit Kat. According to an Italian study, women moreso than men are predisposed to want chocolate and this all goes down before we leave the womb.

The study, which was conducted by Andrew Tranquill at the University of Politecnica Marche, followed 100 pregnant women who hadn’t consumed chocolate for the last 90 days. The pregnant women were given five pieces of dark chocolate. After half an hour, their fetuses’ heart rates and movements were measured.

They found female fetuses had increased heart rates and moved around a lot more than the male fetuses. The female fetuses were also quicker than the male fetuses to show these physiological responses.

“The fact that female fetuses react more than males shows that this attitude (a woman’s preference for chocolate) is innate,” says Tranquilli. “It’s unequivocally innate.”

There’s a ton of reasons why women love that cocoa: it gives us a boost of energy, it makes us feel good by releasing serotonin, it could be triggered by hormones released during our menstrual cycle, it’s possibly as addictive as alcohol, and hello – IT’S SO TASTY. However, this is the first study I’ve come across that points to a potentially inborn desire to eat the chocolaty goodness.

I guess the next time I reach for another piece of chocolate, I’ll know where my cravings come from: I got it from my mama.