Amanda Pendolino
May 23, 2013

New ‘Love Train’ for Singles Lets You Meet Guys on the Subway

Don’t have time to meet guys? What about on your morning commute?

A new “love train” exclusively for single people will make that possible for riders in Prague. According to The Daily Mail, Prague transport company Ropid is considering rolling out a subway train specifically for single people — and it could be running by the end of the year.

The move is part of a campaign to show commuters all the things you can do on the subway that you can’t do in your car, like reading, studying, listening to music, playing e-games, checking emails — and most excitingly, meeting dudes.

I love the idea of multitasking, but I’m wary about a singles train. It’s basically like being in a bar, but you don’t have the ability to facilitate conversation with alcohol (at least not without a creepy paper bag). You also can’t escape an awkward conversation until the train stops!

Maybe Prague’s singles subway just needs a matchmaker like “Love Conductor” Erika Christensen, who runs a business matching up subway riders.

I worry that the “love train” might also fuel the already alarming number of subway sexual assaults. Attackers might see a train full of single women as the perfect opportunity to grope someone who’s clearly alone.

Would you want to ride a subway train for single people?