Amanda Pendolino
May 14, 2013

Pear-Shaped People Live Ten Years Longer Than Apple Shapes

Are you cursed with “junk in the trunk” or “child-bearing hips”?

You may live a decade longer than those who store their fat in the middle. Pear-shaped women have a life expectancy of nine and a half years longer than those of apple-shaped ladies, The Daily Mail reports.

The same is true for men: guys with small stomachs live a whopping 17 years longer than men with beer bellies.

Carrying heft around your midsection wreaks havoc on blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
As a result, apple-shaped folks are at risk for heart disease, diabetes, strokes and more.

To calculate if you’re a healthy pear, use the following formula:

You may notice that this calculation is only based on waist and height; as such, you could technically be a healthy apple shape, as long as your waist is small enough. It’s not the wide hips that make you healthy; it’s the lack of weight around your middle.

Like the BMI (Body Mass Index), the pear shape calculator is limited, since it doesn’t account for muscle mass or fat percentage. However, with obesity as widespread as it is, it could help doctors identify at-risk patients.