Nokyoung Xayasane
May 09, 2013

George Takei Is the Best in Gay Marriage PSA (VIDEO)


George Takei is a Trekkie, a lover of bow ties, a cool dude and a staunch supporter of marriage equality. Also, he’s a pretty funny guy.

Besides being a champion for gay rights, the former Star Trek actor has taken the time to flex his thespian muscles in a new Funny or Die video.

It’s a tongue and cheek PSA on how to deal with opponents of gay marriage.

The video depicts the two sides of marriage equality: the well-dressed gay couple who could probably plan a darn good wedding and the silently prejudiced neighbor with caveman views and no sense of fashion.

It gives gay folks some tips to spot the “sick” person’s symptoms and some treatments to combat what we could only call gayitis. This includes giving them a dapper bow tie or inviting them to a Broadway musical.

The video puts a silly spin on the stereotypes associated with marriage supporters and pro-family advocates.

Takei isn’t in the video for much of the time, but his iconic voice is.

Check him out in “Gays Beware.”

Gays Beware with Jesse Tyler Ferguson and George Takei from Jesse Tyler Ferguson