Amanda Pendolino
April 29, 2013

Urban Outfitters Selling Ridiculous Rainbow ‘Drugs’ Hat

Like drugs? Urban Outfitters has a hat for you!

The hipster retailer is selling a black baseball cap with the word “drugs” spelled out in rainbow letters.

Made by the brand Savant, the hat is available online only and will run you $42.

Four less offensive hats from Savant are also available, from a camo “USA” hat to a smiley face hat with marijuana leaves as eyes.

Perhaps the hats are meant to be worn ironically — but the message on the Drugs hat seems to be that drugs are cool and fun. Since Urban is a store geared toward teens, this is pretty unsettling.

Urban Outfitters is no stranger to controversial clothing, from its pro-anorexia “Eat Less” tee to a yellow shirt pulled off shelves after reminding shoppers of Nazi-era yellow Stars of David.

Urban’s also still selling a tacky tee with pot leaves over each breast:

Do you think the Drugs hat is inappropriate?