Digital Life
Nokyoung Xayasane
April 29, 2013

Site Pays Women to Be Virtual Girlfriend — or Virtual Call Girl?

You can order just about anything online: a pepperoni pizza, a pair of jeans or even a bride from across the globe.

So does it come as a shock that having a virtual girlfriend is now a thing?

MyGirlFund is a site which allows women and men to meet and have an online relationship. The site advertises itself as an online forum for women to meet and flirt with dudes — and get paid for it. The women set their prices and are given 50 to 60 percent of the profits, depending on how much they charge their virtual boyfriends.

Besides flirting with lonely guys, what do the women on MyGirlFund do? According to some female users, they have live one-on-one chats about mundane things like their day, they send personal messages, and some send sexy videos and photos.

But there are rules. For one thing, the virtual partners aren’t allowed to meet in real life or transfer personal information, and the men can’t contact the women for any reason.

The site promotes the ideal of the girl next door to its male clientele and the MGF director of business development endorses the site as a way to develop online “relationships between equals” and as a way for the women to “learn about themselves and about business.”

MGF compares the interactions to hiring a call girl, except all the business is done online.

What do you think about MGF? I mean, people pay money to enter dating sites for the purpose of meeting someone new, and there’s always cuddle cafes for people who want to spoon with a stranger. Is a virtual girlfriend or call girl any different?

The interactions are private and up to the users’ discretion. The “relationships” occur between consenting adults. Are virtual girlfriends a thing of the future or something slightly icky?