Amanda Pendolino
April 25, 2013

Apparently Guys Fake Orgasms Too

Women have long been known to fake orgasms — but what about men?

According to the new book Why Men Fake It: The Totally Unexpected Truth About Men and Sex by Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, the fake male orgasm is more common than you think.

Morgentaler, an associate clinical professor of urology at Harvard Medical School who has spent 25 years treating men with sexual problems, told Salon that men sometimes pretend to climax because they’re concerned about their partner’s pleasure.

Although he’s only dealt with men who have voluntarily sought out sexual help, he says that men aren’t as selfish in the bedroom as we might think.

“For every man who behaves badly, I can give you 10 who are dedicated and thoughtful and doing the best they know how to be a man and a solid partner,” he says.

I know what you’re thinking. But … how? Physically, HOW do men fake orgasms? Wouldn’t we be able to tell?

Morgentaler wouldn’t really answer the question — he wants you to buy his book — but he says, “it’s not so rare,” adding, “the reasons men fake it are actually pretty similar to the reasons that women fake it … They’re kind of letting the other person know that they’ve done a good job.”

I suppose if condoms were involved, it would be easier for guys to hide that they’re faking. Morgentaler says a study on a men’s website actually found that 31 percent of guys have faked orgasms at some point!

Are you shocked? Have you ever been with a man who’s faked it?