Charlotte Hannah
April 23, 2013

Lingerie For Men Is Real … and Pretty Nifty

Screenshot by Buzzfeed

“Feeling sexy” is often presented as exclusively a woman’s pastime. Sure, men can be sexy, but how often do you hear a guy say, “[Such and such] makes me feel sexy”?

This got me thinking: what does make men feel sexy?

Obviously “men” is an incredibly general term and the answer’s probably different for everyone, but surely there must be some guy-oriented activities, objects or garments that make lots of dudes feel like hot stuff.

For answers to this question, I turned to Google, which led me to this thread on a forum for Liverpool FC, an English soccer club. In it, a poster asked the forums mostly male, aggressively heterosexual users what makes them feel sexy.

In between the gay jokes and incredulous responses, answers varied wildly — from “winning eight league titles in a row” to “putting on a brand new pair of socks” to “playing the harmonica.”

Conspicuously absent from the responses was “wearing lingerie.”

You may think it’s because lingerie for men doesn’t exist, but you’d be wrong. Sexy undies, camisoles and even bras designed specifically for men are absolutely a real thing. Homme Mystere (“Mystery Man”) is a line of dude lingerie for the guy who wants to get in on an activity that’s been making women feel sexy for decades: wearing pretty underthings.

Photo credit: Homme Mystere

Photo credit: Homme Mystere

Judging by the comments on Buzzfeed’s article about Homme Mystere, lots of people are confused and even offended by the idea of a fellow wanting to don lacy, silky undergarments. But what’s so strange about it, really?

I know plenty of ladies, both gay and straight, who regularly wear boxers and all manner of men’s clothing for a whole slew of reasons – for comfort, for durability or just because that’s their preference. No one ever questions their sexuality or makes fun of them.

What’s so different about a dude wanting to wear a style of undergarment generally marketed to women because it makes him feel sexy or because he prefers the feeling of the material or because he likes the variety of styles?

Sure, it’s a bit out of the norm, but it takes all kinds. What is it about the style, shape or fabric of a garment that makes it “for men,” anyway?

If a gent wants to rock a pair of pretty panties, I say more power to him. Haters gonna hate!