Amanda Pendolino
April 22, 2013

New App Lulu Lets You Post Reviews of Men. Is it Sexist?

Photo credit: Lulu

We’ve all done it. You meet a cute guy at work, a dog park, a party … but you want to get a little intel before pursuing him.

But what if there’s nothing on Google? And what if he’s smart enough to keep his Facebook profile private?

Enter Lulu, a new app that lets women search and rate men in private reviews.

According to The Daily Telegraph, entrepreneurs Alison Schwartz and Alexandra Chong developed Lulu so that women could anonymously rate men based on appearance, style and sense of humor. “Sex and the city marries Facebook,” claims Cosmo.

“Lulu takes its cues from the real world: we [women] meet a guy and think he’s cute, but want to know if he’s the charmer he appears or really a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” the women explain on the app’s website. “So we ask our girlfriends, and look him up on Facebook and Google. It’s a private, fun ritual we all indulge in, often complicated by the fact that we don’t want the guy to know we’re checking out his creds.”

I don’t usually feel bad for guys when it comes to dating, but my initial reaction to this app was: ugh. Will women use it to smear exes? Ridicule men based on penis size? At best, it could be tactless; at worst, totally gross and mean. Would you want to be on a similar app for men?

But Alison and Alexandra say that they’ve taken steps to keep Lulu positive.

“The vast majority of reviews are positive—ex-girlfriends, sisters, and friends helping other girls discover the guys they believe are keepers,” the website says. “To be clear, Lulu isn’t a place to trash-talk: Lulu’s review system makes it impossible for a vindictive ex to reveal the size of a guy’s itty bitty friend or claim he gave the Herp to 1,000 women.”

It would be sort of hilarious to find that all the reviews are posted by the guys’ mothers.

Would you use Lulu?