Amanda Pendolino
April 19, 2013

News Anchors Can’t Stop Giggling Because Ryan Lochte Is Ridiculous (VIDEO)

Need a laugh for your Friday?

Two news anchors in Philadelphia couldn’t stop giggling on air after attempting a basic conversation with Ryan Lochte, the Olympian-turned-reality star who likely has more abs than brain cells.

To promote his new E! show What Would Ryan Lochte Do, 28-year-old Ryan spoke with Good Day Philly anchors at Philadelphia FOX 29 news — and they just completely lost it. Take a look:

“I’m a lot different than any other kind of Olympian,” Ryan said. “There’s so much more to me than swimming. I like to go out, have fun, like to go dancing, hang out with my friends. I like to do fun stuff like play basketball, skateboarding.” You know, because that’s super unique and unusual.

But it was the line “If you’re a man at night, you gotta be a man in the morning,” that really got the anchors laughing.

It sounds like E! is hoping for a Jersey Shore-type hit with Ryan’s show — but I’m skeptical. We can only hope the show will include more profound philosophies like that, and less about how it’s weird to be videotaped while you brush your teeth.

Would you watch What Would Ryan Lochte Do?