Amanda Pendolino
April 18, 2013

Kristin Chenoweth Says She Has a Muffin Top Despite Weighing 88 Pounds

At 4-foot-11 inches tall, Kristin Chenoweth is one of Hollywood’s tiniest actresses — she only weighs 88 pounds!

However, the slim star tweeted that she hates working out, and has a “muffin top” from drinking soda:

Kristin, 44, recently showed off her bikini body during a photo shoot in Mexico — and we don’t see any muffin top.

In fact, Kristin’s BMI is just 17.8, which puts her in the “underweight” category (a “normal” BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9). While there are certainly limitations to the BMI, which does not take into account muscle mass and fat, the problem is usually that healthy, athletic people have an “overweight” BMI, not vice versa.

I’m not here to attack celebs for being too fat or too thin — it’s sickening how much of that there is on the Internet — but I think it’s a bit sad that Kristin thinks she has a “muffin top.” If she considers herself in need of slimming down, that sets a dangerous standard for the rest of us.

Celebs are under a microscope, and I’m sure they feel insecure sometimes — but when a super-thin celeb claims to hate their perfect butt or seemingly flat stomach, it doesn’t make me think, “Oh, she’s just like me”; it makes me think, “If SHE’S not good enough, I’m completely hopeless.”