Amanda Pendolino
April 16, 2013

Jon Hamm Is Super Cute With Elmo on Sesame Street (VIDEO)

Elmo + Jon Hamm = magic.

I may be frustrated with Don Draper on Mad Men this season (at least Jon admits that Don’s “a mess”) — but I have to admit that Jon Hamm’s Sesame Street segment with Elmo is nothing short of adorable.

The skit, which explores “sculpture” as the word of the day, will air April 18. In it, Jon explains to the kiddos that you can create art by molding or carving materials such as clay, marble or metal.

Meanwhile, Elmo works on a sculpture of his own. Will he ever finish it so “Mr. Jon” can put down all the super-heavy pieces of art he has to carry around? Take a look at the video:

Jon, we can talk sculpture any time you want.