Nokyoung Xayasane
April 11, 2013

Apparently Bras Make Breasts Saggier

Bra burners of the ’70s were ahead of their time — possibly even psychic. It turns out wearing bras makes for saggier breasts, according to a new French study that followed 330 women for 15 years.

The study found bras do not prevent sagging or relieve back pain in women between 18 and 35. Going au naturel actually makes breasts perkier.

“Medically, physiologically, anatomically—breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity,” says Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon from the University of Besançon. “On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra.”

Hear that noise? That was the noise of my mind exploding. Are you telling me I suffered through training bras, push-up bras and strapless bras for no good reason?

Apparently, not wearing a bra strengthens the muscles around your breasts. Researchers discovered something surprising after measuring the breasts of women who didn’t wear bras. The “nipple raised 7 mm per year toward the shoulder,” says the report.

Before you throw away your lacy underthings or modern-day torture devices, take note: scientists don’t recommend all women abandon their bras, since the muscles around their breasts may have already degraded.

One 28-year-old participant, however, found her braless experience pretty freeing.

“I breathe more easily, I carry myself better, and I have no back pain,” she said.

Now that you know that wearing a bra won’t keep your breasts from sagging, will you be throwing yours away?