Nokyoung Xayasane
April 10, 2013

Sex Is Best With Strings Attached, Says Study

Awkward … (Via:

Have you ever woken up the morning after a night of revelry to find a stranger in your bed? Or found yourself in some dude’s house? Damn those wine spritzers! If you have, you probably grabbed your things and got the eff out of there.

One thing’s for sure, the night may have been a blur, but you’re pretty sure the sex was … meh. This isn’t a huge surprise, according to a study conducted by Durex. It turns out, according to most people, sex with someone you care about is better than one-night stands or “friends with benefits.”

Sex with an emotional connection is preferred by 96 percent of men and women. So, the whole Spring Break sex romp is pretty weak compared to sex with someone who wants you and you only. It turns out 94 percent of participants say monogamy makes the sex so much better.

Also, having sex with someone you care about gives you sense of comfort, so you’re more likely to get inventive in the bedroom. Who needs to take a trip to Mexico when you can sexplore with the one you love, right?

The study found sex with strings attached gives a person more confidence in their sexual abilities and gives them a higher sex drive.

So, what are you waiting for? Get frisky with the one you love, you crazy kids.