Nokyoung Xayasane
April 03, 2013

Norway Schools Delay Midterms So Students Can Go to Justin Bieber Concert


I remember the only time midterms were cancelled at my school was when there was a bomb threat or a snowstorm warning. Never did my school reschedule midterms because I wanted to go to a Backstreet Boys concert. I mean, seeing Brian live — c’mon!

Yet some schools in Norway are taking pop music fanfare to another level. Five schools (count ’em, five) are rescheduling their midterm season so students can make it to the Justin Bieber concert happening on April 16 and 17 in Oslo, the country’s capital.

“I am concerned that students should be concentrating when they take tests and midterms,” says Norway’s Education Minister Kristin Halvorse. “The local schools have the responsibility to schedule the local midterms, and if they think there is any reason to change the dates, they have authority to do so.”

School officials fear students who live in remote areas will skip their midterms so they can belt out “Girlfriend” at Bieber’s Nordic concerts. Bieber mania is fierce in Norway. Remember how his free concert last year resulted in 49 injuries?

It’s obvious that getting good grades is important, and rescheduling midterms for a concert is a drastic move, but I can remember when I was a teenager — my love for Devon Sawa and JTT verged on borderline obsession.

“We’ve all been 14-years-old and know that interests can be intense,” adds Halvorsen.

If only the I-have-to-go-a-Justin-Bieber-concert excuse worked for avoiding your next job assessment with your boss.