Charlotte Hannah
April 02, 2013

New Cookbook Helps People With Eating Disorders

For those who suffer from eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia and binge eating, the road to recovery (or the road of recovery, as some argue that many people never “recover” from mental illness in the conventional sense) is long and difficult. Though medications and therapy may help, sufferers still face the challenge of applying the tools and techniques they’re given in therapy to their everyday lives.

Food to Eat, a cookbook written by Lori Lieberman and Cate Sangster, aims to help people with eating disorders by improving their relationship with food and their bodies. Not only does it contain plenty of healthy, delicious recipes that are easy to prepare, it provides strategies and information designed to combat disordered eating. The combination of Lieberman’s background as a registered dietician and Sangster’s experience recovering from anorexia ensures Food to Eat is filled with nutritionally balanced recipes that are tried, tested and true.

“Recipe books abound, but this is so much more than a cookbook–it’s like having a couple of trusted and experienced friends support readers through the many overwhelming obstacles of getting themselves to eat,” explained Lieberman in an interview with

All 25 of Food to Eat‘s recipes are organized based on the time it takes to prepare them, and each one is described in terms of its nutritional value, its taste and the experience of eating it. The recipes look incredible, with everything from pumpkin pancakes to fig and goat cheese wraps. Shopping lists and advice on creating balanced meals are also included, so readers are left not only with specific recipes to try, but a valuable tool for managing their disorders as well.

What do you think? If you’ve struggled with an eating disorder, do you think a cookbook designed specifically for your needs would be helpful to you? Chime in in the comments.