Amanda Pendolino
April 02, 2013

Does Height Matter In Relationships?

I admit it: I don’t like to date men who are shorter than I am.  I don’t even like it if they’re about the same height (5’6″).

It’s not really about the man’s height, or whether height affects a guy’s manliness — it’s about how I feel next to him. I’m already a big girl, with giant feet and giant hands and a thigh circumference that’s also a waist size (yay). So if I’m standing next to a guy who’s 5’6″ and 130 pounds, especially if I’m wearing heels, I feel like an ogre.

A recent study backs up my feelings: whether the decision is a conscious one or not, couples seem to seek out a taller-man-shorter-woman pairing. Even when it comes to celebrity couples with huge height differences, it’s more likely that the man is the tall one. The exception tends to be certain actors who date models.

In my experience, women care more about being shorter than their boyfriends than men care about being taller than their girlfriends. A short ex of mine told me that he actually likes dating tall women because he knows that other men will be impressed that he was able to snag a tall chick. I’ve actually never met a guy who said he wouldn’t date a woman who was taller than he was — but women refer to this dealbreaker all the time.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with seeking out a tall guy. Yes, it seems silly to turn down a date with an otherwise perfect man because he’s 5’7″, but we all have physical preferences, from athletic builds to beards to cute butts. I can tell you from experience that it’s a bad idea to date someone you’re not physically attracted to — if you want a guy who’s taller than you but give a short guy a chance, you might find yourself resenting your man six months later for simply not being the person he never was in the first place.

Or maybe I’ve been poisoned by societal norms. I just don’t want to feel like an ogre!

Do you think height matters in relationships? Let me know in the comments.