Nokyoung Xayasane
April 01, 2013

This Is the World’s Fattest Easter Bunny

Photo credit: M & Y News Agency

Here’s one Easter bunny who won’t be trekking to people’s houses delivering pastel colored eggs and chocolatey deliciousness.

His name’s Ralph and he now holds the title for World’s Fattest Bunny.

Hungry Ralph, as he’s affectionately called, weighs in at 50 pounds. The four-year-old bunny has taken back his crown, which he held in 2010 before being outweighed by fellow contender Darius.

The ginormous bunny keeps his world-record figure with a hearty intake of cabbage, corn on the cob, cucumber, broccoli, apples, bread and cream crackers. Genetics may also play a part in his rotund physique — Ralph comes from a long line of record holders: his mother Amy held the title of world’s biggest rabbit and so did his father Roberto.

But don’t worry. His owner Pauline Grant says Ralph is “fit and healthy.” Ralph lives at the Sussex Horse Rescue in England and his food bill is paid for by donations from fans and visitors.

But it doesn’t look like Ralph will get any bigger – thank goodness.

Happy Easter to the world’s biggest bunny celebrity, Hungry Ralph.