Nokyoung Xayasane
March 28, 2013

This Adorable Video Really Puts Your Dating Woes Into Perspective (VIDEO)

Why is he so emotionally unavailable? Should I have gummy bears or an apple for snack time? (Photo credit: YouTube)

How come he hasn’t called? It’s been three days! He was all sweet during your last date, but now he’s not responding to your texts? What does he mean he doesn’t like the “relationship labels”? Gah!

These are just a few of the billion questions that drive us crazy when it comes to dating. Hearing them repeated back to us from the mouths of babes in this adorable and true-to-life video is a little disconcerting — but oddly refreshing.

The video follows the meandering thought processes of most ladies who’ve had bad dating experiences. However, there’s one big difference: the angsty and overwrought daters are kindergarten girls who just can’t seem to get the guy. They also have a heck of time letting things go. Let’s not forget the constant analysis of every situation from all possible angles, culminating in a vicious cycle of dating despair and elation.

It really puts your dating woes into perspective. Here’s hoping you can get a few laughs while you double-check your cell phone for any new texts from your beau and triple-check your Facebook inbox to see if he’s messaged you yet.