Charlotte Hannah
March 28, 2013

Dream Job: Finnish Hotel Seeks Professional Sleeper

What if you could get paid to sleep? Sounds too good to be true, right? There must be some kind of a catch – like you have to sleep in a piranha-infested pool, or you have to try to sleep while water slowly drips onto your forehead throughout the night, or you have to sleep constantly for a year until all your muscles waste away.

Well, it turns out you can get paid to sleep and the only catch is that you have to know Finnish and English (preferably Russian as well) and you have to write about your experience. It’s quite literally a dream job.

Photo credit: Hotel Finn

Hotel Finn, located in the heart of Helsinki, is offering one lucky person the opportunity to be employed as a professional sleeper. In a bid to promote the hotel following some lengthy renovations, manager Tio Tikka is hoping to hire a person to live in Hotel Finn for a little over a month, spending one night in each of its 35 rooms.

“This person will share his thoughts, adventures and experiences of living in the best spot of summery Helsinki. So, prepare yourself for a blog journey that you’ve never read before,” says a blog post on Hotel Finn’s website.

My first thought was that the assignment sounded … kind of scary. A writer gets paid to spend a month living and writing in a hotel? This sounds like the plot of a Stephen King novel. But, with its modern decor and bright rooms, Hotel Finn doesn’t seem to have that creepy Overlook Hotel vibe. So you’re probably good.

Competition for the dream job is stiff, however – the application period is over at the end of April and over 600 people have already applied.