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Nokyoung Xayasane
March 22, 2013

Warning: Snapchat App Won’t Prevent Embarrassing Sexting Mishaps

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Snapchat: it’s the mission impossible version of Instagram with an X-rated twist. The app allows users to take a photo that’s programmed to self-destruct within one to 10 seconds after being viewed. It’s been touted as the best way to send nude photos without the embarrassing aftermath of having them plastered all over the Internet.

Well, it turns out that sexting via Snapchat isn’t a fail-safe way to send nude photos. Like there ever was one, right?

There are a few ways Snapchat can screw over a person who’s inclined to send photos of their private parts.

1) Anyone can take a screenshot of the photo. Although the app has a feature that tells the sender if their recipient has taken a screenshot, what can the person do about it? It’s now a permanent record on someone else’s phone.

2) A photo can be taken of the naughty pic from another phone. Now the screenshot-warning feature won’t be able to warn you even though its usefulness is questionable to begin with.

3) There are online how-to guides explaining ways to subvert Snapchat and take screenshots without informing the sender.

Snapchat’s privacy policy basically lays all this out and tells users they’re sending these photos at their own risk — but the app is still the fourth most popular app in iTunes and is used 30 million times a day, according to Forbes. Recently, a Tumblr account called Snapchat Sluts was taken down. The creator and sleazy party photographer Kirill Bichutsky didn’t want to deal with being sued for posting underage nude photos.

May I suggest not taking naked photos of yourself and sending them to someone who very well might share them far and wide? A consequence-free way of sexting? I don’t think so. You’ll be more likely to come across sugar-free, fat-free donuts than a safe way to send nudie pics.