Charlotte Hannah
March 22, 2013

Popular Science Blogger Revealed to Be a Woman, Internet Aghast

Elise Andrew, the 23-year-old woman who runs the popular science Facebook page I Fucking Love Science (and Science Is Awesome, a mirror page for those with more delicate sensibilities) never tried to hide her gender. The page’s description contains her name. She’s done interviews and participated in Google Hangouts. But because she didn’t feel the need to make a big deal out of it — because it’s, y’know, not a big deal – most of IFLS’s four million fans had no idea she’s … a laydee.

So when Andrew posted a link to her Twitter account on the IFLS page on Wednesday, with a picture of her face clearly visible, IFLS fans totally lost their minds. All Andrew wanted was for IFLS fans to tweet her “some science people worth following,” but the vast majority of commenters seemed far more interested in discussing her gender and sharing their feelings about her looks.

“ me! This is a babe ?!!,” said one. Charming.

“Holy fucking balls of all that is ass you’re cute,” said another. Lovely!

“I had no idea you were a female….. damn that’s hot hahaha,” said yet another.

Yes folks, it’s 2013 and even the science-minded types we expect to be at least a little more progressive are still flipping their lids over the idea that a person with two X chromosomes might be interested in science. Of course, some commenters expressed the sentiment that it’s not Andrew’s interest in science that shocked them, but the fact that she’s funny and swears on the Internet. Because we all know that us delicate womenfolk still get the vapors over vulgar, naughty cuss words. And there are no funny womenno, of course not.

Andrew tweeted about the surprising response to her unintentional “coming out”:

If nothing else, this is a great lesson about not assuming someone’s gender, or thinking you can accurately determine someone’s gender by their writing (because you can’t).