Charlotte Hannah
March 21, 2013

Disturbing Domestic Violence Video Shows Physical Effects of Partner Abuse (VIDEO)

A heartbreaking video titled “A photograph a day in the worst year of my life” and uploaded to YouTube purports to show the devastating effects of domestic violence using a photo-a-day style time lapse. Thankfully, the story presented in this particular video appears to be a fiction created to raise awareness about domestic abuse – though for millions of women around the world, it’s an everyday reality.

The video is composed of 365 still images of a woman, each picture representing one day in her life. The photos at the beginning of the video show a happy, radiant woman. As the video goes on, her happiness changes into desperation, resignation and the dark stare of a woman trying to hold on. Bruises and cuts appear and disappear from her face and neck, getting progressively worse. It becomes clear that she’s being abused. In the last still shot, she holds a sign that roughly translates from Croatian to the English, “Help me, I do not know if I can wait for tomorrow.”

Be warned: the video is extremely disturbing and comes with a massive trigger warning for anyone who’s been affected by domestic violence.

The video is powerful enough to speak for itself, though I feel it necessary to add this: not all partner abuse looks like this. In many cases, domestic abuse doesn’t leave any physical marks whatsoever. Just because a victim of abuse doesn’t look like the woman in this video doesn’t mean the abuse isn’t real or serious.

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