Nokyoung Xayasane
March 20, 2013

Check Out These Wacky Color-Changing Jeans (VIDEO)


If you’ve ever had a hideous perm or rocked some blindingly bright clothes, these new Hypercolor jeans may be for you.

That’s right, my friends — the ‘80s never left. Since ‘80s-inspired fashion has transitioned from the covert culture of NYC club kids to mainstream audiences, you can now see your regular Joe Blows and Jane Does sporting neon-framed sunglasses and neon leggings just about anywhere you go. So why not take this hair metal and scrunchy legwarmers-inspired trend to its fullest extent and bring back the beloved ’80s fashion staple, Hypercolor?

Enter Hypercolor jeans, a throwback to the Hypercolor Ts of yesteryear (circa late ‘80s and early ‘90s and coinciding with that time my mom permed my bangs).

Like Hypercolor T-shirts, these denim creations change color depending on the temperature. The wacky jeans, which were created by Canada-based denim line Naked & Famous, use thermochromic dyes to create the dramatic color change.

If you’re worried about potentially embarrassing splotches of color near your nether regions, rest easy.

“They won’t only change colors in the crotch because if your crotch is hot, so are your knees and the rest of you,” said Naked & Famous founder Brandon Svarc. “We have already wear tested it, and it changes all over. If you are outside on a sunny, hot day the entire jean will turn white, then when you step into an air conditioned room, the jeans color will morph back to blue.”

Excellent — no one wants to draw attention to their hot crotches on a warm summer day. But the temporary handprints, which are left on the jeans from human contact, could lead to interesting and sexy designs.