Charlotte Hannah
March 19, 2013

Lululemon Recalls See-Through Yoga Pants

If you’ve recently bought a pair of Luon yoga pants from athleticwear company Lululemon, you may be in for a big surprise. Well, actually, the people in your immediate vicinity might be in for a big surprise — the pants leave very little to the imagination.

Lululemon isn’t sure why their latest batch of pants are totally see-through, but it’s not going to wait around to find out while potentially thousands of yoga-loving women accidentally expose their underthings to the unsuspecting public. It’s pulling the much-beloved pants, which make up about 17 percent of the pants in its stock, from shelves. It’s also offering full refunds to anyone who bought Luon yoga pants from a store or online in March of this year. It hopes to determine the cause of the issue as quickly as possible.

In an open letter posted on its site, Lululemon apologized to its customers about the pants’ “increased sheerness,” saying, “We want you to Down Dog and Crow with confidence and we felt these pants didn’t measure up.”

Good on Lululemon for stepping up and admitting that one of their products isn’t up to par — and taking a financial hit for doing so.