Amanda Pendolino
March 18, 2013

Madonna Wears Boy Scout Outfit in Protest of Ban on Gay Members (VIDEO)

Madonna got dressed for a cause this weekend.

The 54-year-old pop star attended the GLAAD Awards Sunday dressed like a Boy Scout — with a few unique accessories like fingerless gloves and sheer tights — to protest the Boy Scout ban on gay members.

Backstage, she told Access Hollywood she got the outfit by saying it was for her son.

“I wanna be a Boy Scout but they wouldn’t let me join,” Madonna said as she presented Anderson Cooper with the Vito Russo award.


“I think that’s f—ed up,” she continued. “I can build a fire. I know how to pitch a tent. I have a very good sense of direction. I can rescue kittens from trees. Listen, I want to do good for the community. And most importantly, I know how to scout for boys. So I think I should be allowed to be a Boy Scout and I think they should change their stupid rules. Don’t you?”

Yes, we do!

Over 1.4 million people have signed a petition urging the Boy Scouts to admit gay members. It’s time!