Amanda Pendolino
March 18, 2013

Lindsay Lohan Wears Sheer Pants, Gets Glitter-Bombed As She Arrives Late for Court

Photo credit: TMZ

Glitter, sheer pants and a late arrival: just another day in court for Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay, who is charged with reckless driving and providing false information to an officer relating to a June 18 car accident, got glitter-bombed walking into a Los Angeles courthouse, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

It reminds me of when Kim Kardashian got flour-bombed on the red carpet of a fragrance event last year. What’s with fans throwing weird stuff at celebs?

It was an odd scene this morning as Lindsay showed up nearly an hour late for her court appearance because her red-eye flight from New York was delayed. (Apparently, even private jets get delayed.)

Li-Lo also made headlines for her odd choice of outfit: a tiered white suit with sheer pants.

Lindsay has struck a plea deal with prosecutors, TMZ reports, a surprising development given that she previously refused to take a plea in the incident.