Charlotte Hannah
March 15, 2013

Get Ready for St. Paddy’s Day With Hollywood’s 10 Hunkiest Redheads

What’s the deal with the double standard that exists around redheadedness?

Redheaded ladies are seen as sexy, confident, passionate, independent and fierce, while redheaded guys are viewed as almost the opposite – meek, wimpy and unsexy. Super lame, right?

Well, here at Twirlit, we’ve got plenty of love for dudes with red hair (in case you haven’t noticed, we’ve got plenty of love for just about every type of dude). So, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day – the redheadedest day of the year – we humbly present you with 10 of the hunkiest redhead guys out there. If you’re not swooning by the time you finish scrolling through this post, there’s something wrong with you. Seriously.

Rupert Grint

He once said in an interview, “I’ve always been quite a proud ginger so I couldn’t dye it and betray the other gingers.”

Michael Fassbender

Bet you didn’t know he’s secretly a redhead.

Alan Tudyk

Firefly, represent!

Simon Pegg

He can, uh, beam me up anytime.

Photo credit: AP Photo / Evan Agostini

Shaun White

This man has a mane that I am simultaneously attracted to and jealous of.

Photo credit: AP Photo / Peter Kramer

Kevin McKidd

His quick-thinking and ingenuity helped him save lives on Grey’s Anatomy. His rugged good looks and fiery locks help him win hearts in real life.

Eric Stoltz

Look at those eyes! So soulful.

Damian Lewis

Even when he’s smiling, Damian Lewis is always doing the “Blue Steel” face. I love it.

Paul Bettany

I was going to write something here, and then I got lost in Paul Bettany’s dreamy eyes.

Michael C. Hall’s beard

Michael C. Hall is a redhead, though his hair often looks more brown than red. But dat beard. Dang.