Charlotte Hannah
March 14, 2013

Fox CT Runs Boobs Video During Women’s Day Segment (VIDEO)

International Women’s Day is a day for celebrating the social, political and economic achievements of women throughout history, shining a spotlight on women who are making the world a better place and acknowledging the fact that we’re still struggling towards equality. Given that it only happens once each year, you’d think we’d be able to manage, for just 24 short hours, to at least pretend that we value women for more than their breasts.

Apparently the folks at Fox CT (Fox New’s Connecticut affiliate) couldn’t handle this.

During a news segment on an International Women’s Day march in Hartford, Fox CT ran some rather interesting B-roll footage. Instead of showing footage of women marching, or someone giving a speech, or some nice scenery, or literally anything else, they instead decided to run some lingering, pervy shots of women’s boobs.

Even host Erika Arias recognized that the footage was inappropriate. In this clip, you can clearly hear her pause several times, as if she can’t believe this is actually happening.

Fox CT later tweeted an “apology” to viewers who were offended by the footage — which they ran more than once throughout the day.

Accidentally giving someone the wrong directions is an error. Forgetting to PVR your boyfriend’s favorite show is an error. Recording gross footage of breasts and then choosing to run it twice during segments about International Women’s Day isn’t an error — though it is a handy reminder of why we need International Women’s Day in the first place.