Charlotte Hannah
March 11, 2013

‘Barbie Man’ Owns $80,000 Worth of Dolls (VIDEO)

Photo credit: Mattel

Stanley Colorite calls himself the Barbie Man – not to be confused with the Human Barbie or the Human Ken Doll. Unlike the latter two, Colorite isn’t obsessed with turning himself into his favorite Mattel dolls. He just collects them – $80,000 worth of them, to be exact.

The walls in four of the seven rooms in Colorite’s home are lined with over 2,000 Barbies, along with over 1,000 Kens collected by his partner, Dennis Schlicker. In addition to having over 3,000 dolls, Colorite and Schlicker also own over 3,000 Barbie outfits, along with accessories and other memorabilia – including a Dream House with a working elevator worth $1,000.

Before we continue, why don’t you guess where he’s from? Go on, guess.

Yeah, it’s Florida. It’s always Florida.

Colorite has been collecting Barbies since 1997. He now spends about $30,000 per year expanding his collection. In their spare time, he and Schlicker attend Barbie conventions, make doll jewelry and curl their Barbies’ hair.

“Barbie isn’t just a toy for children, she’s for adult collectors too. I can’t stop collecting — it’s like a drug habit, I just can’t quit,” said Colorite.

To me, there’s very little that’s creepier than a room full of dolls, let alone a whole house full of them. Maybe it’s because I read a lot of Goosebumps as a kid. Or perhaps it’s because I used to live around the corner from a weird old guy whose living room walls were lined with porcelain dolls (no joke, this is my actual life). But if amassing a ridiculous collection of plastic women makes Stanley Colorite happy, more power to him. And I guess it’s true what they say: there really is someone for everyone.