Charlotte Hannah
March 11, 2013

Adorable Grandma Creates Kickstarter to Make Stylish Canes (VIDEO)

Photo credit: Marc Malkin

Pearl Malkin, otherwise known as Grandma Pearl, has had enough of boring canes. Just because walking sticks are tools that serve a practical purpose for many elderly and disabled people doesn’t mean they’ve got to be ugly as all get out – that is, if Grandma P has anything to say about it.

That’s why this self-described rebel (my own grandma would probably call her a “character”) has taken to decking out her canes with artificial flowers she buys from craft stores. And we’re not talking about a tasteful bloom here and there – no, Grandma Pearl is launching a full-on floral assault, covering her canes from top to tip with colorful blossoms. And don’t worry: she’s not keeping all the fabulousness (fabulosity?) for herself.

Grandma Pearl is the proud owner of Happy Canes, a small business she runs making her groovy canes and selling them on Etsy for about $60 each. Currently, she makes every cane by hand, so supplies are limited – but that can all change if she gets a little help from the Internet community.

Photo credit: Happy Canes

Happy Canes is trying to raise $3,500 on Kickstarter to expand its business and its selection. If it reaches its goal, Happy Canes will be able to offer new designs — including a line of spring-themed canes featuring seasonal flowers—as well as expand its operation and add a new employee.

When questioned by about why she’d choose to start a business at the age of 89, Grandma Pearl insisted that she “can’t sit idle and watch boring TV all day long.” How awesome is that?

She’s got a little over $100 left to raise in the 11 days before the deadline. Help her out by pledging a few bucks. A $65 pledge will get you your very own Happy Cane – the perfect gift for your stylish grandma.