Charlotte Hannah
February 27, 2013

Justin Bieber Wears Ugliest Outfit Yet

Justin Bieber is on a fashion downward spiral. This has been inescapably obvious since the day he shook hands with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper while wearing a pair of half-undone overalls. But now it looks like his style has gone completely off the deep end — and I’m not talking about Helena Bonham Carter-style adorable quirkiness here. This is just a whole new level of wacko.

In a way, I can’t even blame the kid. He’s been a megastar since he was a tween, and he’s obviously pretty out of touch with, well, just about everything. But don’t celebrities have stylists? Or at least people around who can tell them if they’re wearing something stupid? Mirrors? Anything?

Apparently not, because the Biebs just stepped out in… whatever this is. A douche-tastic outfit comprised of:

-A thrift store grandma sweater

Two gold watches. How does he keep them perfectly synchronized? How does he keep from going insane if they’re not?

-Pink, leopard print, drop-crotch pants. They’re simultaneously tight and baggy. How does that even happen?

-A studded hat perched precariously atop his head. This is a real, inexplicable new trend, but the Biebs doesn’t need to be supporting it.

-Glasses he apparently stole from Chevy Chase‘s Community character, Pierce Hawthorne.

Photo credit: Trae Patton / NBC Universal, Inc

Why, Justin, why?