Nokyoung Xayasane
February 26, 2013

Here’s What Most Women Want in a Boyfriend (INFOGRAPHIC)


What do women want? The answer to this question is a mystery for most dudes. Luckily for them, they no longer have to rely on mere guesswork and, y’know, actually talking to women. Studies have been done on what women desire in a man, and the facts gleaned from them have been presented in the form of a handy infographic.

Hint: It’s not a married man (only one percent want this) nor a casual fling (10 percent) that we’re looking for. What most women want in a boyfriend is a guy who’ll actually commit to a serious relationship (40 percent said they wanted this), says

There are the obvious criteria that most ladies expect their potential partners to meet: he’s single, a non-smoker and doesn’t drink much. And there are the obvious things most women would rather pass on: a dude that spends most of his time watching sports (only four percent want this) and sitting on the couch since he has no job (a staggering two percent actually do want this).

What was surprising is that most women don’t care if their potential partner is disabled (66 percent) or if he wants kids in the future. As much as 19 percent of women surveyed actually prefer guys who don’t want kids vs. 13 percent who want mates with baby fever.

Also, we women seem to prefer blue-eyed, dark-haired omnivores with athletic builds who can hold down a job and who love animals and traveling.

Take a look at the infographic below. Do you agree? Are there other deal-breakers that would have you questioning whether to go on a second date?

Infographic: What Women Want
What Women Want by Free