Charlotte Hannah
February 25, 2013

Tattoo Shop Makes Prospective Artists Prove Their Skills With Clever Help Wanted Ad

You might consider the heavily tattooed to be the type of folks who color outside the lines, so to speak. But for tattoo artists, the ability to color inside the lines is a very important skill. Otherwise, the person in the chair ends up with something like this:

When the owners at Berrge Tattoo decided to add a new tattoo artist to their ranks, they knew they had to find someone with a steady hand and an eye for detail. And what better way to do that than by making hopefuls prove their skills to even get the chance to apply for the vacant position?

And thus, this genius ad was born:

Photo credit: Berrge Tattoo

The reason this ad is so clever is that in order to be scannable, QR codes must be absolutely perfect. Even trying to scan them at an angle that’s not 100 percent straight on can result in an error. Because of this, anyone who wanted to apply for the job at Berrge Tattoo had to get it just right – by staying inside the lines and adjusting the pressure of the pen so ink didn’t bleed outside them — and they only had one chance to do so. Those who succeeded and were able to successfully scan their filled in QR code would be taken to a page from which they could email their application to the tattoo shop.

Photo credit: Berrge Tattoo

Sure, it’s not quite the same as tattooing on actual skin, but it’s probably enough to weed out the amateurs. Maybe if more tattoo shops used this recruiting tactic, we’d have fewer tattoo disasters like the one pictured above.