Nokyoung Xayasane
February 22, 2013

How to Keep Money Issues from Wrecking Your Relationship (INFOGRAPHIC)


Money is the number one source of conflict for couples — 27% of arguments stem from money issues, according to If you’re like most people, you know that it can be a real hassle to sit down with your guy and hash out any financial issues you might have.

But if you want to keep money concerns from snowballing into real problems, sitting down and having an honest conversation with your partner is the key to keeping your relationship afloat.

Not only is avoiding talking about money problems a relationship killer, but hiding how you spend your money can also spell doom for your relationship.

And if you’re worried about your guy’s wandering eye, you’ll be surprised to know that men who are financially dependent on their partner are five times more likely to cheat than men who make the same amount as their spouse. Compare this with women, who are half as likely to cheat if they’re financially bankrolled by their men.

So, with all these potential problems looming, there are five ways to keep money issues from wrecking your relationship:

1)      Talk it out,

2)      Respect your partner’s contribution,

3)      Compromise and cooperate,

4)      Divide financial tasks, and

5)      Set common goals.

Read below to get all the details.

Avoiding money problems in relationships infographic
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