Amanda Pendolino
February 18, 2013

Rihanna Criticized for Fashion Line, Attacked by Anti-Chris Brown Heckler, Compared to Princess Diana

Photo credit: Getty

From fashion to fracas, Rihanna’s had a busy weekend in London.

According to People, the 24-year-old singer debuted her fashion line for UK store River Island on Saturday – and critics weren’t impressed. The skimpy, ’90s-inspired looks include bare midriffs, floral prints and black mesh netting, prompting one critic to go so far as to call it a “horror show.”

That might be a bit extreme, but we agree that the looks are uninspired. Only a tiny teenager could pull them off – and we’re not thrilled at the idea of tiny teenagers wearing these looks, anyway. Rihanna’s own style was clearly an influence…but while Rihanna often pushes the envelope in a fashionable way, these outfits just look cheap.

Later that night, Rihanna celebrated at the Box Nightclub – and when she left around 3 a.m., a female heckler yelled at her about getting back together with Chris Brown. The woman threw a Lucozade energy drink at Rihanna, and in the melee Rihanna fell and cut her knee to the point of drawing blood.

Photo credit: Bossip

Oh, the irony – you don’t like Rihanna’s boyfriend because of his past history of violence, so you become violent with her? This is never okay.

Rihanna’s known for being outspoken on Twitter, but all she posted about her London weekend was a photo of herself juxtaposted with Princess Diana on the cover of the UK’s Sunday Times Magazine. She wrote: “When your face is pic-stitched to Princess Diana’s on the cover of The Sunday Times…. I mean… #extraordinaRIHbehavior”

“Rihanna is in love with the camera, and the camera is in love with her,” the magazine claims. “Not since Diana rocketed from a shy, plump kindergarten aide to a lean, mean fashion machine has there been such a ravishingly seductive flirtation with the world press.”

Do you agree?