Nokyoung Xayasane
February 08, 2013

Film Critic Fat-Shames Melissa McCarthy, Calls Her a ‘Female Hippo’

Keep doing what you’re doing, Melissa. You rule. (Via: independent.ie)

We all know that critics and bloggers can exaggerate and blow things out of proportion. But one film critic totally crossed the line in a review of the new comedy flick Identity Thief.

Rex Reed got downright insulting when he fat-shamed actress Melissa McCarthy, calling her a “female hippo,” “obese,” “chunk of junk” and “tractor-sized” in his review — insults that aren’t just offensive, but also completely irrelevant to the film.

You, sir, are a royal ass.

Besides giving the movie a bad review, which is cool since it’s his job to have opinions about films, he went on to berate Melissa on her weight.

I’m sorry, but is he a Weight Watchers’ adviser? No? We didn’t think so.

Understandably, people became royally peeved when his review hit the shelves.

Director Paul Feig, who worked closely with Melissa on the uber hilarious film Bridesmaids, adeptly tweeted what we were all thinking:

Readers of the review were equally bothered (as you can read here).

Can critics speak about the merits (or in this case, lack thereof) of a film without childish name-calling rearing its ugly head? In this case, the answer is an irritating “no.”

The personal attack on Melissa is disgraceful. She’s a beautiful and hilarious actress. For shame, Rex Reed. Way to propagate the totally uncool and offensive stereotype of the “ideal” body.

Maybe some sensitivity training is in order? Or perhaps, a resounding smack upside his small-minded noggin?