Nokyoung Xayasane
February 04, 2013

Woman Gets Boyfriend’s Name Tattooed On Her Face — The Day After They Meet


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Some people like to celebrate their love with chocolate and flowers, while other people throw down the love gauntlet with face tattoos.

You heard right: face tattoos.

Lesya Toumaniantz from Russia decided her boyfriend should tattoo his name across her whole face. What makes this wackier is that she’d only met tattoo artist Rouslan Toumaniantz face to face 24 hours earlier.

Call me crazy but I’m not sure that getting a guy’s name tattooed across your face in 5-inch Gothic script is really a first date activity.

Oh, and Lesya has already taken Rouslan’s last name despite just getting engaged a couple of weeks ago.

As epic displays of love go, I thought the whole standing under your window with a boombox thing was slightly creepy but well meaning. This, however, is just weird. Weird!

The couple say they fell in love in an online chat room before they met in person.

“It’s a symbol of our eternal devotion. I’d like him to tattoo every inch of my body,” says Lesya of her new ink.

Lesya posted the photo of her new, er, face on Facebook. Oddly enough, her friends had nothing but high praise for the work.

“You must be so happy that you can wear that tattoo. Enjoy it. It looks great,” wrote her friend Ralf Bieler.

“Sooo beautiful. even the style of the name fits your face well,” wrote another friend.

No one said the obvious: What in the actual f*ck?