Nokyoung Xayasane
February 04, 2013

Watch this Georgia Woman Find a Lost Wallet, Treat Her Kids to Free Cash (VIDEO)


And the best parenting award goes to …

Well, NOT this Georgia woman.

Video surveillance recently caught the woman scooping up a lost wallet at a Kohl’s store. Instead of handing it into authorities like any decent human being, the footage shows her doling out cash and gift cards from the wallet to two kids who are presumably her sons.

At one point, the younger boy jumps up and down with excitement at the free allowance.

The woman’s identity is still a mystery. The video was released in the hopes that someone will be able to¬†identify¬†the woman. The owner of the wallet, Joseph Smith, was shocked when he watched the video. As a seminary student and new dad, he says he can use all the money he has. The wallet had about $100 in cash and $200 to $300 in gift cards.

“What really gets me is I can see an adult doing it, it’s just kind of the world we live in,” said Smith as he sat next to his wife Lillie and their newborn. “But when you have your two kids with you, to set that kind of example, to say here — not only is OK to pick it up but let’s go through it, let’s take what’s in it, and then not even turn it in.”

We hope the couple get their money back. And that someone revokes this woman’s parenting license (if only such a thing existed). SMH.

Video credit: CBS Atlanta 46