Nokyoung Xayasane
February 04, 2013

Here’s Proof Beyonce Was the Best Part of the Super Bowl

I have no clue about football. I was kinda just watching the Super Bowl to see the half-time show because — please — Beyonce was performing.

Via mashable.com

Turns out I wasn’t the only one. Yesterday Beyonce was more popular than the Super Bowl, as measured by Twitter mentions. Bey and the game were neck and neck for number of tweets early in the day but then come 8 p.m. — whoosh! Bey wins by a landslide.

Via: @jaredkeller/ Twitter

Although Twitter was abuzz with Super Bowl frenzy, Queen B won out in the end. Was there ever a doubt?

I just used science to prove that Beyonce was the best part of the Super Bowl. If that fancy chart wasn’t good enough, then take Shaquille O’Neal’s word for it.


Plus, look at this adorable photo of the Carters embracing. Jay-Z, you’re a good man, hugging your wife like that.

Did you catch the Destiny’s Child reunion? The ladies killed it. Now we hatch a plan to get them back together. Who’s in?