Nokyoung Xayasane
January 31, 2013

Tampon vs. Menstrual Cup: Which Is Best? (VIDEO)

This is supposed to symbolize our monthly visitor. Symbolism: gotta love it. (Via:

I remember the first time I heard about menstrual cups. A friend of mine had been using them for a while and she filled me in (pun intended) about the perks of menstrual cups.

The DivaCup (Via:

They’re environmentally friendly (she knew how to hit me where it counts), they’re inexpensive, they’re better for your health, and they can change your life. What? I’ve been using tampons for almost my whole menstruating life.

What put me off was the idea of sticking a cup inside myself. Yeah, I know, what you’re thinking. How’s a cup any different from a tampon? I have no clue, since I’ve been too scared to try it to this day. Luckily, the folks who created this video are here to speak the truth.

So, to let you know more about the perks of using a menstrual cup (like Mooncup or the DivaCup), a UK company produced this hilarious, spot-on rap-off between a traditional tampon and a modern menstrual cup.

After watching the video, I say, To each her own! Also, if you’re on Team Pad, here are some eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional pad.

So, have you or are you currently using the menstrual cup? Is it worth it? Should a scaredy cat like me give it a try?