Nokyoung Xayasane
January 31, 2013

Dakota Fanning Gets Naked for Her First Nude Scene

Via: usmagazine.com

There’s no doubt about it. Dakota Fanning is growing up — and fast.

Dakota gets naked for her first-ever nude scene in Very Good Girls, which comes out later this year. Am I the only one that still sees her as the seven-year-old girl in I Am Sam?

“Yeah, well, I’ve never done that before and I’m very newly allowed to do that,” she said to MTV News. “I was newly 18, so yeah, it was, it’s kind of a sensitive thing, but it’s a part of life.”

The awesome Elizabeth Olsen, who stars alongside Dakota in the film, gave the young actress some advice.

“No, you just have to go for it. Sorry, I didn’t do a sex scene in this movie so I should shut up,” joked Elizabeth.

Maybe the nude scene isn’t as big of a deal for a pro like Dakota, who did a rape scene in Hounddog at the age of 12.

Very Good Girls follows the story of two girls who want to shed their good-girl image and finally lose their virginity. We all know how awkward your first time can be, but is it as awkward as getting naked for the first time onscreen? Only Dakota knows.