Nokyoung Xayasane
January 30, 2013

New Facebook App Lets You Know Which of Your Friends Are DTF

Ever scan your Facebook feed and find yourself wishing there was an easier way to get next to that guy you met at a party in high school or your best friend’s brother’s hot cousin? Well, the creators of Bang With Friends has your sexual appetite in mind.

Forget perusing dating sites like, eHarmony or OKCupid looking for someone to spend the evening with. With Bang With Friends, you can kill two birds with one stone: creep your friends’ Facebook profiles and potentially get your rocks off. (I’m not sure how well that phrase applies to women, but I’m going with it.)

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Bang With Friends was created by three college friends, who apparently wish to remain anonymous. The app lets you keep track of which of your FB friends you’d want to bump uglies with and sends you a notification if you have a sexy-time match. If one of your pals is DTF with you, the app will alert you both — the rest is up to you.

“One night, we were shooting the shit about how online dating is broken,” said one of the founders to the Daily Beast. “What a lot of people want is just to skip all the shit and get to the sex.”

Right, because meaningful conversations and bowling nights are so 2012. Me want sex.

“It would be great, as guys, if you could find out which girls are actually into you and not dance around anything,” added one of the founders. Bang With Friends already has 20,000 users in its first week and has reportedly set up over 1,000 hook-ups.

The creators are still tweaking the app to add sexual preferences.

“I personally am completely towards gay rights,” said one of the founders. “We want to give everyone this awesome access to finding people who want to bang.”

How utterly thoughtful.

Also, the app has been reworked so you don’t get matched with family members. No one wants to have their grandpa pop up in their DTF notifications. That’s just gross.

Yet the creators don’t want to limit the app too much, especially when it comes to relationship statuses.

“We’re not too objective to hooking up with that cute secretary across the office if she has a boyfriend already,” said one creator.

Excuse me while I vomit in my mouth.